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The Secret of DESO

The book triggers your curiosity to discover the Secret of DESO, the secrets behind 4 of the hormones impacting the brain bringing the feeling of joy or happiness. The book also explains “Why are successful people often so lonely”, was they not destined for such endings or was it their own makings to reach what is successful. “Don’t just live a life – Live a meaningful one” – a profound and powerful message repeated in the book from start to finish, to help us realize that each and single one of us is a unique and beautiful flower. We would need to write our own stories creating that beautiful flower with our own experiences. The book is written and made with intriguing, fascinating stories, through the life of the author. These are also practical stories that all of us could relate to and easily found ourselves facing similar situations, and as a parent we would find a helpful pointer for our beloved children, helping them create a map for the future and reaching for success while having what is happiness. When lonely you will know, The origin of sorrow is where Perhaps it’s always there We chase riches we dare mountains The past flows like fountains When we look back thousands of years.

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