Tải sách – Download sách [Hàng thanh lý miễn đổi trả] Oxford Cases In Medicine And Surgery (Second Edition) của tác giả Hugo Farne thuộc thể loại Medical Books miễn phí định dạng PDF, EPUB, MOBI.

[Hàng thanh lý miễn đổi trả] Oxford Cases In Medicine And Surgery (Second Edition)Oxford Cases in Medicine and Surgery, second edition, teaches students a hypothesis-driven, logical step-by-step approach to diagnosis when faced with each of 29 common patient presentations.

This approach mirrors that used by successful clinicians on the wards, challenging students with questions at each stage of a case (history-taking, examination, investigation, management).

In tackling these questions, students understand how to critically analyseinformation and learn to integrate their existing knowledge to a real-life scenario from start to finish. Each chapter focuses on a common presenting symptom ( chest pain). By starting with a symptom, mirroring real life settings, students learn to draw on their knowledge of different physiological systems - for example, cardiology, respiratory, gastroenterology - at the same time.

All the major presenting symptoms in general medicine and surgery (mapped to UK medical school curricula) are covered, together with a broad range of pathologies. This book is an essential resource for all medicine students, and provides a modern, well-rounded introduction to life on the wards.

Ideal for those starting out in clinical medicine and an ideal refresher for those revising for OSCEs and finals.

- Covers the common presenting symptoms in UK medical school curricula and finals exams
- Friendly and accessible text outlines how to approach diagnosis logically and clearly explains the rationale behind clinical decisions
[Hàng thanh lý miễn đổi trả] Oxford Cases In Medicine And Surgery (Second Edition)- Systematically walks the reader through the diagnostic process from history to examination, investigation, interpretation and management options
- Each chapter includes a long case, several short cases, viva (short-answer) questions and multiple choice questions to prepare for life on the wards and to direct revision.
- Ideal resource for those new to clincial medicine and those revising for finals

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