Tải sách – Download sách Master TOEFL Junior Cefr Intermedicate Level A2 (Không CD) của tác giả Richie Hahn thuộc thể loại Sách Học Ngoại Ngữ miễn phí định dạng PDF, EPUB, MOBI.

(Richie Hahn)

Each book in the Master Toefl Junior series includes a carefully researched and detailed guide to each part of the Toefl Junior Test. This seriews was designed to give test takers the skills and knowledge needed to obtain a high score on the toefl junior test. I have geared this guide towards students who wish to assess their grasp of the communication skills necessary for participating in an english language learning environment. The toefl junior test provides parents and educators with objective information about improvements in a students english ability over time. It also serves as a comprehensive measurement that can be helpful in gaining students admission to selective educational programs. This book will be a great asset to efl students who wish to enter middle shools and exchange programs across America.

Master TOEFL Junior Cefr Intermedicate Level A2 (Không CD)

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Mới. Bảo quản tốt.In trên giấy trơn.Phù hợp cho người mới bắt đầu học TOEFL Junior.

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Sách tốt, bao bì đóng gói chắc chắn, giao hàng đúng hạn

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